We are a group of talented professionals who have been in the wedding industry for many, many, many, many, many... many years. With the hundreds of weddings and events we have had the pleasure of creating, you'll be glad to know that you are in great hands!



Le Festin Events

Over 13 years of events and wedding planning/design experience, we are absolutely trusted and smooched by our couples and colleagues. We understand the work it takes to create a special wedding, from 2 people to several hundreds. We want to make your first day as a married couple full of love and happiness, so that you can look back and know that you have made a wonderful and easy choice. We've also been told that we're pretty cool... so, yeah, SHAAAZAAAM! Check out ALL of our info HERE.

Tina Loveridge

If we were in the movie "Clueless", Cher would say that Tina Loveridge will give you a toothache. No idea what we're talking about? Google it and you can thank us later. Tina is a photographer that has wings. She flies around silently (and with a smile) capturing love and amazing little details like a photography fairy. You get pure image magic in return. Tina has the ability to snap couples' amore effortlessly and her kind demeanor allows her to mesh well with all brides and grooms.

Check out her website and business HERE.

Patrick Ang Photography
Photographer / Cinematographer

This may be the closest you'll ever get to a ninja without being samurai'd. Patrick Ang has stealth skills that would likely be employed for some secret government agency. We may or may not be kidding, but the public will never know. His special moves allow him to capture images that would make you say, "WOW, I didn't even know he was there! How'd he get up that tree?" Patrick is a funny and super friendly photographer whose fantastic sense of humor provides the best icebreakers, and in no time you'll find yourself at comeplete ease with him... did we mention he is also an amazing cinematographer? Well... he is, so there!

Check out their website and business HERE.

Sarah Kathleen Photography

Pop Rocks. Sarah Kathleen is like 10 lbs of Pop Rocks and you just happen to be the recipient of this fizzy goodness. Such a dynamic personality, she has the ability to make mimes talk and 70-year old women get tattoos - probably 10 of them. Sarah has a unique style that blends storytelling and fun. Her love for life resonates all over and absolutely adored, thus making her clients feel absolutely at ease with being themselves and relaxed as she snaps away.

Check out her website and business HERE.

Applemoon Photography

There is a certain cool and calm that exudes from Maren and Michael. If Snow White walked in with her entourage of birds and furry creatures, and Applemoon Photography just happened to be in the same room, everything would just flock to them. Sorry Snow, your singing  and fair complexion won't be able to help you here. Applemoon is amazing photographers that can capture love, emotion and true beauty with fashion magazine type sexiness.

Check out their website and business HERE.

Yvonne Goll Photography


Yvonne is all about romance, vintage love and that perfect touch of photojournalism. She has an amazing personality and believes that capturing a moment is worth its weight in gold. Yvonne loves details, but never fails to capture the bigger picture.... this amazing thing called LOVE.

Check out his website and business HERE.

Jeffrey San Juan Photography

Soft spoken, funny and amazing. Jeffrey San Juan, has such an easy-going demeanor that couples very quickly open up to him. He is an absolutely wonderful talent who can work wonders with lighting and create breath- taking images that combine both art and play. Colors pop beautifully and so will your personalities.

Check out his website and business HERE.

A. Blake Photography

Ashley Blake is amazing, and we do mean, AMAZING (see how it is capitalized) in her craft. Her persona is both sweet, but very much someone who knows exactly what she needs to do to capture the perfect shot. Ashley is amazing with her clients and can bring the true beauty out from even the shyest people. Which essentially mean, YOU get fabulous photographs!

Check out his website and business HERE.

Town & Country Studios

Capturing personality is what this small town gal with big city experience is all about. Shannon is fearless with an easy smile and open heart. A California girl by way of New York and Ohio, Shell Beach is where she calls home along with her sweetheart and rescue pup, Chewie.  A genuine adventure seeker, Shannon’s professional photography experience is wide-ranging with previous clients such as CBS and Eddie Bauer to Playboy. Clients describe their experiences with Shannon as welcoming, comfortable, professional, and FUN. Her hard working energy and positive spirit set this memory snapper apart from the crowd.

Check out her website and business HERE.

Weston Neuschafer Photography

Even though Weston can capture wonderful portraiture, he's also pretty artsy. As a matter of fact, the first time we worked together, he had taken the couple's wedding rings and shot them inside rolled chicken wire. Seriously - chicken wire. Despite his totally hip and artistic sense, he's also pretty laid back and just all around cool. Weston has the ability to genuinely get along with his clients, and is able to snap the most tender moments with ease.

Check out his website and business HERE.

Brady Cabe Photographer

Awesome. Nice. Cool. Patient. Talented. Although we love talking about ourselves, these are the same words we'd use to describe Brady. This guy... pretty darn all-of-the-above. Out of early morning surf sessions and the perfect golden sun, Brady honed in his skills of playing nice with light and capturing special moments. His background in photojournalism makes him the perfect observer in shooting the right times, in the right ways. Brady loves natural settings and digs couples who aren't afraid to get their feet sandy.

Check out his website and business HERE.

Picture Perfect Photography

Simply put, Jose loves weddings because they are awesome! Starting in the world of graphic design, moving to photography was seamless Jose’s style is very adaptive, with all the tools needed to capture artistic images in any condition. His is a mix of photo journalism, traditional, contemporary and portraiture. He has a very relaxed attitude, and will definitely roll with the flow.

Check out his website and business HERE.

Lori Boe Floral Design

Lori Boe brightens up people's days with flowers. Yummy, beautiful, gorgeous flowers - so scrumptious you may find yourself wanting to eat them. Aside from her talent in making all things flower power, Lori is a totally kind and gentle person who seems to always be cheery and collected. We have no idea what sort of tea or happy juice she drinks every morning, but whatever it is, we want some... although one would think that working with flowers all day contributes to smiling.

Check out her website and business HERE.

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