Q: Can we have our Pop-Up Wedding tomorrow?

A: Ideally, we will need at least a 1-month notice in order to create your awesome Pop-Up Wedding, but please contact us if you'd like to be married much sooner and we will try our best to accomodate you.


Q: Where will the wedding take place?

A: The wedding will take place in San Luis Obispo County. SLO Pop-Up Weddings/Le Festin Events will give couples options of  non-venue wedding locations to choose from. If you would like to book your pop-up wedding at one of the venues we work with, please click HERE.


Q: May I get a list of the locations for non-venue sites now?

A: Scouting locations was and is a fun, but an extremely time-consuming task. We have poured many hours reviewing locations and consider the list of "sites" as a part of the package which our clients receive, therefore we do not give out location suggestions unless you have a signed contract. Once you have signed on with us, we will give you our suggestions for wedding sites. Please note that the wedding sites ARE NOT venues and are usually publicly owned.


Q: Will the locations be private or public property?

A: Out of respect for our fellow industry business owners, we do not offer Pop-Up Weddings on private property, other than those we are directly working with. The non-venue locations we have scouted are still meaningful and definitely eye-candy.


Q: I already know where I want to get married, but it won't be public property, can you still help us with the Pop-Up wedding?

A: We love adventure and fun! On some occasions our couples would like to get married somewhere public, but on a property (in the middle of a store, inside a train station, inside a movie theater, on a racetrack...) we are more than happy to help because we think it is exciting, however, YOU would have to let us know the location and make the appropriate arrangements for our access, then we will take care of the rest.


Q: How much is the package?

A: The complete package for San Luis Obispo county is $2650 for pop-up weddings, Sunday through Thursday, and $2850 for Friday and Saturday. Our packages with venue are $3200 for Mondays, and available weekends (Friday - Sunday) are $3500. Packages connot be modified, unless you would like to add upgrades. If you think about all of what you are getting, an awesome wedding planner, a top knotch wedding photographer, a bona fide officiant, flowers, vino and cake, minus headaches and a basket of excitement, this is a pretty amazing deal! Please see below for pop-ups outside of SLO county.


Q: Will you travel outside of San Luis Obispo?

A: We sure will. Genreally, we just take into account our travel fees. Pop-Ups in Los Angeles and as far up as San Francisco are modifed,  starting at $4700 for pop-up weddings, Sunday through Thursday, and $4500 for Friday and Saturday. Please check our Travel Packages Page to see what you will receive with this fee.


Q: Will we still need to get a marriage license?

A: Yes! A California marriage license is required in order to make your wedding legal. It is a very easy process and we will help you obtain one.


Q: May we invite guests for the ceremony?

A:  You may invite up to 4 guests for non-venue weddings, and up to 10 guests for venue weddings.


Q: Who will be our officiant?

A:  We work with a network of officiants, which you will be able to choose from.


Q: Who will be our photographer?

A:  We also work with an amazing group of talented, professional wedding photographers. Some who charge $5000+ for weddings – no, we’re serious!  As our photographer partners also have their own businesses, your photographer will be confirmed 1 week before your Pop-Up Wedding. We know you will LOVE your pictures.


Q: What payment methods do you take?

A:  Cash, check, cashier's check and credit card. 


Q: I would like you to handle a "simple elopement" with ceremony and reception, but I'd like a larger group of invitees. Can you help?

A:  Yes, we sure can! We refer you to our wedding planning division, Le Festin Events.  Le Festin Events provides everything from Day-Of, Month-Of, Partial or Full Plan events. Please note that booking through Le Festin Events however means that all vendors will be contracted through you, just like a traditional wedding. If you would like for our traditional wedding division to handle all of the preparations and process of contracts, also known as a "Full Plan Wedding", and all you would need to do is "show-up" with limited involvement in planning, the minimum cost for planning only starts at $7000. If you would like to learn more about other smaller packages that may better suit you, please contact us through Le Festin Events.


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